Formed in the spring of 1997, in the engineering lab of a 1+ billion dollar a year company in Massachusetts, where a need for consistent, high quality PCB assembly was identified. At LRA we specialize in low volume, engineering rework and assembly. When the quality of workmanship can directly effect the pace at which your designs reach production, or your customers, we are here for you.


This is a small board from the past. Well over 100 were hand assembled in small lots. These would now be assembled by manual pick & place method. This is done with a machine that is made specifically for this. Accuracy is not an issue thanks to the highly zoomed 1080P live video feed displayed a 27" monitor. The stencils we use are less than $200 (overnighted), and are in hand the next day if the correct files are received by 2:00 pm.  Depending on the board/components, a small amount of assembled boards can be available the day after the stencil is received.

A FULLY automated bench top pick & place machine is being set up and will be available soon for larger runs.